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Legs and core workout - one weight

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Here we have a short and snappy workout for your legs and your core - utilising just one weight.

5 exercises:

  • Squat with a press out (10 reps)

  • Rotational taps (20 reps / 10 each side)

  • Cross body lifts (5 each side)

  • Forward lunge with rotation (10 reps)

  • Plank to squat lift (5 reps)

Complete 2-4 rounds.

Watch this instruction video with a 'how to' for each exercise.

And here I do a follow along video - but you might want to work at your own pace for this one rather than 'follow me' as we may well work at different speeds and this is more about the number of reps and technique rather than doing an exercise for a set time period. This is why I just do one set of each in this video. But you can always just press play again if we are similar pace and you want to follow me for 2-4 rounds!

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