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Legs and glute workout - low impact!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This is a strength based workout for your legs and bottom! Use with or without weights appropriate to your own level or your progression objectives. I go without weights in these videos but you can use them to make it more challenging - I've added in brackets next to each exercise below where / how you would use weights.

There are 5 exercises and complete the circuit a minimum of 3 times through. Focus on your mind connecting to the muscles that you're using. e.g. squeeze the glutes in the bridges. These rep ranges are a guide. Do more if you need to, or less... but you want to make sure the last two reps of each set are tough - but able to keep your technique.

  • Single leg bridge - 10-20 each side (one weight in hip 'crease' on working leg side)

  • Curtsy with lateral (side) leg lift - 10-15 each side (one weight by side of thigh of leg that doesn't lift)

  • Reverse lunge with step up - 10-15 each side (one weight in each hand by thigh or one close to chest)

  • Pulsed plie squat - 10-15 reps (one or two weights close to chest)

  • Walking lunge - 12-20 steps (one weight in each hand outside of thighs, or one up by chest)

Here is your instruction video, setting out how to do each exercise:

And here is a follow along video where I complete a set of each exercise. You can follow along to this if we are similar pace but make sure you're working to your own pace and rep range that challenges you.

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