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Legs and glutes - decreasing reps

This workout is designed for building lower body strength & endurance by combining both volume and the main compound exercises for your legs and glutes. There are a lot of reps for each exercise but the good news is they get less each round!

You need a set of dumbbells for this workout, or a kettlebell will work too. There are 5 rounds as follows:

  • Round 1: 50 reps

  • Round 2: 40 reps

  • Round 3: 30 reps

  • Round 4: 20 reps

  • Round 5: 10 reps

The exercises are:

  • Glute bridges

  • Squats

  • Romanian deadlifts

  • Alternating reverse lunges (reps split each side)

  • Alternating lateral lunges (reps split each side)

You will need (or this helps to build) both mental and physical endurance - but after round 2 it definitely gets easier. Plus you can workout with me using the video below if you want someone to go through it with you! (don't trust my counting, but we know that already!)

#legs #glutes #lowerbody #strength

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