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Low impact cardio - leg & core focus

Impact lovers: do not rule out / underestimate this workout! It is great for legs, core and getting the heart rate up. It is great for all! And remember to stretch afterwards, my legs and mostly bum were feeling this the next day!

There are 7 exercises. 30 seconds work. No rest. 5 rounds. 30 seconds rest between rounds. The exercises:

1. Side to side lunge

2. Side lunge with knee lift (R)

3. Side lunge with knee lift (L)

4. Squat with cross punch

5. Reverse lunge with knee drive (R)

6. Reverse lunge with knee drive (L)

7. Hands walk out to plank

I've just the one video - there's two minutes at the beginning demonstrating each exercise and then it goes straight in to a follow along. So if you want to skip the demo if you're repeating this workout then you know where to go!

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