More overnight oat recipes

Adding on to the 'base' recipe I suggest, here are a few tasty ways to try overnight oats:

Raspberries, vanilla and coconut

You can add the berries and vanilla to the 'base' either when you make it or add in the morning. I use a drop of vanilla essence and a handful of raspberries. And sprinkle the dessicated coconut over the top.

Apple, peanut butter and cinnamon

I make an apple sauce for this one by simmering some chunks of apple in a pan and add some cinnamon. Then add the sauce to the base overnight oats recipe, along with a dsp of peanut butter. In the morning I top with chopped apple.

Apple, pecan and maple syrup

In the morning, I added chopped apple, chopped pecan nuts and a drizzle of maple

syrup to the top of the base mix.

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