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One weight full body workout

For this workout, you just need one weight - easier with a dumbbell but you can use kettlebells too. We include a few contralateral moves (cross body) which are great for exercising in ways that we move a lot in daily life, challenge your core stability and are basically what you would call 'functional'! There are 4 exercises in this workout, but 3 you need to do both sides, so it works out as 7:

  • Goblet squat

  • Reverse lunge & press (1st side)

  • Reverse lunge & press (2nd side)

  • Forward lunge & row (1st side)

  • Forward lunge & row (2nd side)

  • Snatch (1st side)

  • Snatch (2nd side)

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds, with 15 seconds rest between. There are 4 rounds.

Here is a follow along video and I explain the exercises as we go:

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