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Pushing & Pulling!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Pushing and pulling - really functional movement patterns and what we do a lot of on a daily basis, so why not be strong in them?! This workout alternates a push exercise with a pull exercise with a fair amount of cardio work in there too. Pick loads that are right for you - remember if you need any help with this then do get in touch.

There are four circuits or sets of exercises in this workout. You do each of the exercises (and rest) for 30 seconds. Repeat each circuit 4 times before moving on.

Circuit 1:

  • Push: squat to push up

  • Pull: Hang squat clean

  • Cardio burst: lateral taps

  • Rest

Circuit 2

  • Push: alternating shoulder press

  • Pull: alternating bent over row

  • Cardio / core: plank in / outs

  • Rest

Circuit 3:

  • Push: elevated burpee with push up

  • Pull: side shuffle with alternating row

  • Rest

Circuit 4:

  • Push: squat with push out and overhead press

  • Pull: deadlift to upright pull

Equipment wise you need a set of dumbbells and an elevated surface - chair, sofa, bed, bench.

Here is a demo video if you aren't familiar with these exercise or need a refresh on coaching points and / or options for you and your body. You can either watch the whole video or scroll to the exercises that you need a recap.

Here is a follow along workout where you can workout with me. Please WARM UP first as I go straight in to this.

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Cat Schroeder
Cat Schroeder
Apr 23, 2020

My poor little arms! Good workout :-)

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