Quick back and core workout

This is a relatively short workout focusing on your back and core strength. Strong backs are great for helping to carry yourself better, move better and hopefully reduce pain if you have it - particularly for desk based workers / anyone that spends a lot of time hunched over the desk.

You will need a long band for this workout and some dumbbells - not too heavy for exercises 4 and 5, but if you've got options, you will be able to go heavier for 1, 2, 3 and 7. Using an elevated surface might help you with exercises 1 & 2.

There are 7 exercises in this workout:

1. Hover row - first side

2. Hover row - second side

3. Ski swings

4. Wide bicep curl

5. Archers

6. Band bent over row

7. Carry march

30 seconds work, 10 secs rest. 3 rounds with 30 seconds rest between rounds.

Here is a demo / follow along video in one:

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