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Shoulders & arms - bicep focus!

Here is a great workout for strong shoulders and arms - particularly the biceps! I'm much stronger in my legs than my upper body - often the way with women but also because of my running I do more work on my lower body for leg power, strength and endurance. Having said that upper body strength is to help you in your daily life, mitigate against pain associated with certain postures and loads, assists arm swing & postures in running (if that's you!), and also improves muscle 'tone' which many of you want in your upper body - particularly summer time when it's all about vests and sleeveless clothes!

You need some dumbbells for this workout. Make sure they're appropriately challenging for you.

This workout has three circuits:

Circuit 1 (repeat 3 times):

  1. Deadlift to bent over row (10 reps)

  2. Curl and press (10 reps)

Circuit 2 (repeat 4 times):

  1. Squat clean and press (12 reps)

  2. Lateral hops with shoulder to shoulder press (12 reps)

  3. Push ups with shoulder taps - elevated, knees or toes (12 reps)

  4. Deadlift to upright row (12 reps)

Circuit 3 (repeat 3 times):

  1. Squat with bicep hold (15 reps)

  2. Reverse lunge with bicep hold (20 reps - 10 ES)

Here is a follow along video, where you can workout with me and count your reps much better than I do!

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