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Snacks - easy, healthy or 'on the go'

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

So here I wanted to give you some ideas for snacks that are easy, healthy and some suitable for being 'on the go'. I appreciate everyone has different tastes and won't like everything I put here, but hopefully there is something in there that makes you want to try it. Nothing is weird, and probably most of it you've all heard of before, and even tried and tested - that's because they're great snacks! Feel free to comment below and add your favourites too!

1. Plain popcorn - crunchy and significantly less calories than crisps. Rory likes this too, so I make a big pot on my hob (using the kernels) and put it into little pots for 'on the go'.

2. Plain rice cakes - crunchy, and a bit like bread but much lower calorie. I put on a top a whole range of things:

  • marmite,

  • nut butter (I've a mild obsession with this),

  • nut butter and banana (good one with pre-menstrual cravings as sweet, satisfying and provides energy),

  • avocado sliced or mushed

  • thin layer of chocolate spread - I'm a fan of Sweet Freedom chocolate spread. I bought it originally to give to Rory as he loves chocolate spread and this is more natural, no refined sugar and lower calorie than something like Nutella. Turns out we both love it.

  • hummus - I tend to buy reduced fat as just lower oil content but no additional nasties / not stripping out 'good' fat. I will make my own one day!

  • cottage cheese and cucumber. Not everyone's cup of tea but I like it.

  • smoked salmon and cream cheese / quark / ricotta.

3. Eggs. Hard boiled. Bit random to eat in the office but all the gym kids of today are doing it :) Protein and good fats to satisfy!

4. Yoghurt. Greek is my favourite. It's high in protein. I also like Skyr light and free blueberry as I like the taste and it doesn't use articifial sweeteners. Sometimes I sprinkle seeds on top for some crunch! Try and avoid the 'low fat' yoghurts that are then pumped full of sugar or other things you can't pronounce. It really is best to read the label!

5. Fruit. Great for you - obviously. And yep, the peanut butter comes out again as I love it with apple or banana! Fruit is best for you in its original form, not juiced, so pick an actual piece of fruit over something like a shop bought smoothie.

6. Crudities. I love celery. Carrot. Cucumber. Pepper. Often just on its own or with hummus or peanut butter (celery that is, pepper and peanut butter sounds gross).

7. Energy balls - I've made various homemade ones - see chocolate bliss balls recipe. I will share some more with you soon. Mega easy to make and keep in fridge for a while.

8. Nakd bars - the salted caramel one is amazing! These are just fruit and nuts so not a load of rubbish shoved in there. And really easy for on the go. With food bars - just check what's in them before you eat as things like 'eat natural' and 'whole foods' aren't necessarily as good for you as they make out.

9. Nuts. Small handful (approx. 12-15 nuts). Best to measure out rather than snack from the bag as quite easy to get carried away. They're good to have with a piece of fruit too. A small handful of almonds with an apple is very nutritious and filling.

10. Tuna. I just open a small can of tuna (in water), drain it. Sprinkle on some balsamic vinegar and eat it straight out of the tin. High in protein, filling and about 130kcals. Some times I have a few olives with it or some greenery like rocket or spinach.

And for when it's roasting and I want an ice cream, I do love halo top. It's ice cream but without the crazy calories. My favourite is the sea salt caramel lollies (90 cal and tastes amazing / better than a magnum to me!). I buy in bulk when Tesco has them on a half price offer. Imagine my despair when Rory decided he liked them and shouted 'THEY'RE NOT JUST FOR MUMMY'.

I hope you find something to try in there... and if you've any snack ideas of your own that you love, please do share them with our community by posting a comment below!

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