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Strawberry & banana protein smoothie

This smoothie is one of my favourite post run, workout or even breakfast smoothies. I really like the flavours! I often don't feel like eating after a run, but need to to help the recovery process where the body makes all the adaptations following the training stimulus. It's important to include protein to support muscle growth and repair and some carbohydrates to replenish depleted stores within the muscles - so you've got the energy ready for when you go again!

Ingredients (serves one):

  • One small or half a large banana peeled

  • Handful of strawberries (I use frozen)

  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder OR you could do 3 big tbsp of 0% greek yoghurt

  • 200-400ml water, coconut water, milk, or plant milk (depends how runny you like it!)

  • ice


  • Put all in a blender, blitz and enjoy!

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