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Strength workout: 20-15-10-5 reps

For this workout you need to have a weight - either a set of dumbbells, one dumbbell or a kettlebell. I use a kettlebell but explain how you'd use the other weight combos too. This is a full body workout - and we utilise a range of compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups at once, so they're really effective for the time poor. In this workout we do 3 groups of exercises that follow the same format, and 3 rounds of each. You could even break this workout down and just do one 'group' three times, or each group just once through. So it is very adaptable to your time available and energy.

The exercises are as follows:

Group 1:

  • 20 reps glute bridges

  • 15 reps squats

  • 10 reps squat presses

  • 5 reps reverse lunges (5 each side)

Group 2:

  • 20 reps deadlifts

  • 15 reps swings

  • 10 reps squat cleans

  • 5 reps curtsey lunges

Group 3:

  • 20 reps bridge hold with chest press

  • 15 reps squat with upright row

  • 10 reps burpee with lift (modified alternatives)

  • 5 reps lateral lunges

In this follow along video I do each group 3 times before moving on to the next:

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