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Super speedy salad

This salad took just a couple of mins together and is just an example of how you can quickly put together some foods that you like (me in this case) to make a nutritious lunch. Lots of plants giving fibre (sweetcorn in particular) and micro-nutrients (vitamins & minerals), and cottage cheese for protein. It's fairly low carbohydrate too like it is here, but I do some times add crackers, rice cakes or crisp breads.

Obviously play around with the ingredients - both in terms of what you like and what you've got in your fridge / cupboards. Just remember - your protein source and your plants as staples!


  • salad leaves

  • cottage cheese - this was cottage cheese and pineapple (not to everyone's taste I realise!)

  • beetroot

  • olives

  • half a tin of sweetcorn (in water, not with added sugar or salt)

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