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Full body Tabata - bodyweight strength & cardio

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

This workout works your whole body and combines both strength and cardio into one! We use a Tabata style, 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for two exercises per group. So each burst of exercise is 4 minutes long and within that you do each of the two exercises 4 times.

In the video below we do 6 x 4 mins and I demo each exercise before we go so have a drink and try out the moves with me as I demo, so you are ready to give it your all for those 4 min bursts.

The exercise pairings are:

1a. Kneeling to standing (staying low)

1b. Squat jumps (or calf raises)

2a. Laydown push up

2b. Squat with cross punch at different heights

3a. Curtsy off step

3b. Side to side hops over step

4a. Skydiver

4b. Star

5a. Forward to backward lunge

5b. Reverse lunge with forward kick

6a. Reverse plank knee lifts (or dips)

6b. Mountain climbers

Make sure you work hard for those 20 second bursts. They aren't long so focus on putting the effort in!

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