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Tabata - unilateral mash up

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This workout focuses on some unilateral (single side) exercises, to help work on any imbalances you may have in your body. It covers both upper and lower body, and your core. You need a bench or chair for this workout and some dumbbells.

The workout uses a tabata approach, 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest, 8 x per round. There are 6 pairs of exercises, one pair for each round:

1a. Single leg squat to chair (can use a weight too)

1b. Seat tap squat jumps (or calf raise)

2a. Alternating bent over row

2b. Squat thrust with alternating hand release

3a. Running man

3b. Sprinters hop (or knee lift)

4a. Single arm shoulder press

4b. Snatch

5a. Single leg bridge

5b. Climbers

6a. Side step up

6b. Alternating step up (change leg at the top)

Here is a video where you can follow along and do the workout with me:

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Thank you Rory! 😍

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