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The bit of everything workout!

The title of this workout gives you an idea of what's involved - a mix of everything! We've some cardio, some strength - upper body, lower body and core, plus a bit of endurance and a bit of power! The structure is a little complicated, so it's probably easier just to follow me in the video, but this is what's involved:

  • Round 1: 90 seconds of squat to alternating pendulum lunge, 90 seconds of squat jacks, 10 burpees (any variation)

  • Round 2: 80 seconds of swing to reverse lunge & press, 80 seconds of side to sides, 9 burpees

  • Round 3: 70 seconds of squat with alternating row, 70 seconds of skaters, 8 burpees

  • Round 4: 60 seconds of alternating snatch with squat jump, 60 seconds of lateral lunge with jump, 7 burpees

  • Round 5: 50 seconds of hang clean, squat & press, 50 seconds of ski jumps, 6 burpees

  • Round 6: 40 seconds of narrow to wide bicep curls, 40 seconds of alternating side taps with floor touch, 5 burpees

  • Round 7: 30 seconds of plank with shoulder taps, 30 seconds of mountain climbers, 4 burpees

  • Round 8: 20 seconds of hip drops , 20 seconds of commando push ups, 3 burpees

  • Round 9: 10 seconds of squat hold, 10 seconds of squat jumps, 2 burpees.

You need a pair of dumbbells for this workout. There is a bit of rest between round whilst I allow for everyone to finish their burpees, have a drink and explain the next exercise in the upcoming round.

Here is the follow along video where you can work out with me. Please not the timer that I use on the screen starts at 60mins so doesn't appear until that point in round 1-3!:

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