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The leg burner!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The clue is in the title of this workout - the leg burner! This really works your legs - front, back, sides, top, bottom and glutes! You'll need some weights for this - either one or two dumbbells, or a kettle bell.

There are three parts to this workout:

Part 1: 2 supersets of exercises completed 3 times each:

1. Front squats x 10

2. Deadlifts x 15

1. Walking lunges x 20

2. DB/ KB swings x 20

Part 2: 4 way lunge circuit. 3 minutes each leg doing one rep of each lunge:

  • Forward

  • Lateral (side)

  • Backward

  • Curtsy

Part 3: tabata

2 lots of 8 x 20s work, 10 seconds rest.

  • 1st exercise: lateral hops

  • 2nd exercise: runners lunge

If you've not done any of these exercises in a while, or need a technique refresh, please watch these demo videos for part 1 and 2.

Here is a follow a long workout where you can complete all three parts with me:

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Cat Schroeder
Cat Schroeder
Apr 13, 2020

Finally back, and a toughie!

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