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Unsure what to include in a weekly exercise regime?

As you know, I love a plan and routine and it really does help you to be consistent with your fitness. Mine isn't the same all year round, as it depends what I'm doing and what my objectives are - e.g training for running races or focus on strength. Whatever structure or plan you choose is very personal, and needs to be right for you - and something that you can stick to and enjoy! And don't be afraid to mix things up. Plus any movement you can add to the 'pot' over the week really does help you, particularly if you've a sedentary job. So that 10 mins you can squeeze in - does make a difference!

I've don't give all my clients the same programme, because you're all different. You have different things that you like, want to work on, need to work on and obviously different lives, bodies, families and schedules! But here are a few guidelines / principles for you to consider:

  • Make sure you include a combination of cardiovascular and strength training - I know you all know the importance and benefits of both. You will get this in your PT sessions with me and the KFSS workouts.

  • Work the full body and main muscle groups - arms, shoulders, chest, back, glutes, legs, hips, core etc at least twice a week. Again, your KFSS workouts will get you there!

  • Be as active as possible within the day itself - to try and reduce the time spent sitting / lying and break up periods of sitting with some activity. For example, do something on the hour! Whether that's getting up and doing squats for 30 seconds or just going for a walk around the office / house.

  • Minimum of 3 x 20 mins hard work each week. If you've more time than that you can afford to lower the intensity and do longer at a less intense level. So you could combine it with something like this: 2 x KFSS workouts and 1 x run / spin / cycle for 30 mins plus. Or 1 KFSS workout, 30mins fast walk and 1 hr body pump.

  • Don't underestimate importance of flexibility / mobility - so yoga, stretching and mobilisations in to your routine. KFSS has some warm ups / mobilisations and stretches in base workouts.

I hope those help, help in working out a structure for you then please do get in touch - I'm very happy to help. Sometimes its even just talking through your week!

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