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Upper body and core workout

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

You don't need much equipment for this one - just a band and an elevated surface of some description! This one is 16 minutes long, so easy to fit in - but as you can see, from the videos - it really works! Most of this I do elevated. Adding an elevation to prone exercises (where body is facing down) reduces the pressure through the core and pelvic floor. Play around with the elevation of the prone exercises - sofa, bench, chair, floor, worktop or wall to find what suits you.

It is an interval workout, with 30 seconds work and 15 seconds rest. 5 exercises and 4 rounds. I took 30 seconds rest between rounds. The exercises are:

1. Tricep dip with knee drive

2. Mountain climber

3. Shoulder taps

4. Pull aparts

5. Push up with push back to heels

Here is your instruction video with technique and breathing cues:

And here is a follow along video where I fear my arms might fall off!

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