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Upper body - tabata style

This workout uses a tabata style approach (20 sec work, 10 seconds rest) to work you upper body (and your core!). Except in this workout we take more of an 'active' rest where you can - and we're going to 'hold' moves during those periods. But as I explain in the video, technique is more important that either speed or volume so if you need to take the rest as complete rest then do!

You need a set of dumbbells, on the lighter side for you - e.g you need to be able to bicep curl and lateral raise! And you need a long resistance band.

In this workout we do 6 rounds per exercise set (traditional tabata is 8 so think I'm being nice on this one!), and we have 6 exercises to complete:

  1. Bicep curl, with active rest of bicep curl hold

  2. Hand release push up, with active rest of high plank hold

  3. Seated band row, with active rest of a row hold

  4. Shoulder press, with active rest of an overhead hold

  5. Skydiver, with active rest of skydiver hold

  6. Front raise to lateral raise, with active rest of a front hold (one weight only)

Here is a follow along video where you can workout with me:

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