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Upper - lower - cardio workout

This workout requires some weights (dumbbells) and combines an exercise for the upper body, a lower body exercise and a cardio exercise into a mini circuit. 30 seconds of each exercise, then 30 seconds rest before repeating each exercise again. 4 rounds of each group in total.

If you're running this on your own, set a timer for 16 x 30 seconds per group. That is 4 rounds with a 30s rest between rounds.

The exercises are as follows:

Group 1:

  • Upper body: overhand bent over row

  • Lower body: pulse squats

  • Cardio: squat jack with floor touch

Group 2:

  • Upper body: alternating shoulder press

  • Lower body: alternating reverse lunge

  • Cardio: alternating lateral lunge with jump or reach up

Group 3:

  • Upper body: chest press

  • Lower body: bridges

  • Cardio: diagonal mountain climbers

Here is a follow along video where you can workout with me:

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