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Upper - lower - core cardio workout

This workout is an interval circuit workout with a trio of exercises - one for the upper body, one for the lower body and one focussed on your core and cardio! We use some isometric exercises for the lower body - increasing the muscles used 'time under tension' which can help with strength gains, very useful when without weights or a lot of time!

There are three circuits, each following the same pattern of 30 seconds work per exercise, then 15 seconds rest before repeating the circuit. We do the circuit 4 times.

You need a resistance band and an elevated surface (but not essential), and also a light weight or object (I use a ball in the video!).

The three circuits are as follows:

Circuit 1:

  • Upper body: alternating 'archer'

  • Lower body: squat hold

  • Core cardio: (elevated) plank with climbers and side step (or jack)

Circuit 2:

  • Upper body: upright pull

  • Lower body: lunge hold (15 sec each side)

  • Core cardio: rainbows

Circuit 3:

  • Upper body: band chest press / punch

  • Lower body: bridge hold (with optional march)

  • Core cardio: lift to overhead reach

Here is a follow along video. I demo each circuit before it starts so practice your technique with me so you're ready to go when the timer starts!

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