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Bodyweight interval workout

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This week were are back to a bodyweight only full body workout. So no equipment needed - except perhaps a sofa or chair for exercises that you may want to adapt through adding an elevation.

6 exercises, 30s of work followed by 15s rest. 5 rounds with 30s rest between rounds. Although on my follow along video, there's the option to leave at 4 rounds (approx. 19mins) or 5 rounds is approx. 24 mins.

The 6 exercises are:

  1. Kneeling to forward lunge

  2. Commandos

  3. Alternating lateral taps

  4. Plank blast offs

  5. Wide to narrow squat jumps

  6. Lateral wave

See here for the instruction video with adaptations for varying fitness levels:

And here is my follow along video complete with a too flappy top, sweat and wild hair! #keepingitreal. Enjoy!

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Cat Schroeder
Cat Schroeder
17 juil. 2019

Another sweaty one! Those wide to narrow squats don't get any easier!

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