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Full body strength & cardio

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Here we have a full body workout using weights, your own bodyweight and your heart and lungs!

The workout is a Tabata style workout of 20s work followed by 10s rest. I've got pairs of exercises - so you do each pair of exercises 4 times before moving on to the next pair.

The 5 pairs are:

1a. Deadlift to overhead press

1b. Burpee (your version of!)

2a. Push up

2b. Fast punches

3a. 3-2-1 squat

3b. Squat to squat jump / heel lift

4a. Bent over row

4b. Renegade row

5a. Side plank dips

5b. Mogul jumps

Here is the instruction video - watch this before you start to see how to do each exercise and the variations that are appropriate for you. My arms were so tired after a workout I did the day before I filmed this so my push ups are a bit lack lustre! Sorry!

And here is the follow along video when you can do this live with me!

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