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Strength & Cardio Tabata

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This week's workout works on your strength, speed, stamina and cardio all in one! It is a Tabata workout which involves 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest, many times! I've paired exercises together - one is more strength focussed, and it's pair is more cardio / speed focussed. This approach works all your muscle fibres throughout your body, and you will also get a sweat on!

You can do it with or without weights, or make use of household objects if you're up for that!

With my timer I set it up so that one 'pairing' equals 20s work, followed by 10s rest x 8. So each pairing lasts 4 mins. There are 4 pairs so should take just over 20 minutes depending on the rest you take between exercises.

Here is the instruction video explaining each exercise and appropriate technique and adaptations and progressions. Please watch this first as I can't always speak throughout the follow along videos!

And here is the follow along workout... pause me if you need greater rest and do get in touch if you've any questions about weights / what level you should be working at. Enjoy!

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