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Weights - full body workout

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Here is a weights based work out for you. This is very typical strength workout for me. It incorporates compound exercises (works many muscles groups) and works the upper, lower and middle of you body! Exercises are paired as a super set (upper or middle and lower body) - where you do one set of an exercise, followed immediately by the other. It's a time efficient way of working out as you rest your legs whilst working your arms.

Do each superset 3 times before moving on to the next. Rest 30s to 90s between each set depending on what you need. The rep ranges are really just a guide, you want to be working so that the last two reps of each set are tough. So if you go beyond my rep range that is fine, but maybe look to increase the weight or do a 4th set. To progress in strength (& grow muscle - which is what you want), you really do need to be working to what is known as 'failure'. So you can't do any more whilst maintaining good form / technique. Because of this I've not done a 'follow along' video - as your rep range will be very personal depending on your current strength, fitness and equipment!

The exercises are (rep guide in brackets):

1a. Hip thrust (10-25 reps)

1b. Bench / chest press (10-20 reps)

2a. Forward to backward lunge (12 each leg - 6 forward and 6 back)

2b. Bent over row (10-15 reps)

3a. Romanian Deadlift (10-20 reps)

3b. Deadbug (10-20 reps)

4. Side lying hip raise / open (just once each side to exhaust)

Here is the instruction video - please watch to get the correct technique and tips!

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