Workout with your kids!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

It is the school holidays at the moment and I wanted to give you a short workout that is fun and that you can do with your kids! Bodyweight only, so no equipment required and can be done anywhere!

It is an interval workout so no need to count - just use a timer. We've got 5 exercises, doing each for 45 seconds, then resting for the remainder of the minute. We repeat the circuit three times so it takes 15 mins.

The exercises are:

1. Squat with alternating partner hand hold

2. Push up with alternating partner hand clap (leave out the push up if fatigue & just do kneeling plank hold)

3. Crab walk with 3 hip dips / lifts

4. Around the clock lunges

5. Plank hold with partner run-around

It is a little chaotic, but that is the nature of working out with kids. Plus you get some chat about poo and for some reason Rory thinks you are all creatures of the future :)

Hope you all enjoy it - let us know how you and your children get on!

Zoe, Henry and Rory x

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