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Lunch ideas - my top 10 easy, tasty and nutritious options!

Here are some of my top ideas for lunch - that are tasty and nutritious, providing a fantastic mix of micronutrients, and a balance of macronutrients that ensures you've got the energy, healthy fats, and protein to fuel and nourish your body.

  1. A warm vegetarian salad - perfect for when you don't want anything 'cold' during the cooler months of the year

  2. Soup - make these in advance, but be sure to include a protein source as will keep you fuller for longer and make the soup thicker. The easiest way to do this is add some beans or pulses - any type of bean, lentil, chickpea etc and either leave whole or blend in. There are lots of soup recipes on this blog, just use the search function!

  3. Super speedy salad - minimal prep and all just stuff you've got in the fridge / cupboard

  4. Baked beans on toast with some salad, or with a jacket potato (just don't go nuts with the butter) - so simple & often thought as student food, but it's actually pretty balanced and nutritious if you watch the added sugar / salt content of the beans, and if you add cheese, just be mindful of portion size, a couple of tbs grated cheddar is fine!

  5. Quick and easy nicoise salad - boil the eggs in advance and then it's even quicker!

  6. Goat's cheese salad - minimal prep and I LOVE goats cheese, and it's even tastier when combined with nuts

  7. Make in advance spinach & smoked salmon 'muffins' - served with some salad make a great lunch

  8. No recipe needed - but simply 2 or 3 eggs (scrambled or poached are my favourites) on some wholemeal toast with some salad or spinach is absolutely a staple in my diet

  9. Or smoked salmon & scrambled eggs with spinach & plum / cherry tomatoes or salad & avocado - always amazing!

  10. Is about not ruling out typical 'breakfast' options, I often eat these kinds of things at lunch, particularly if its after a workout or run:

  • This list wouldn't be a true representation if it didn't include peanut butter. I eat so much peanut butter on toast or wholemeal bagels. I go through pots of the stuff! It's not the highest in protein but it isn't bad and a fantastic energy source.

  • I also quite often have porridge with blueberries and a scoop of protein powder in - yes for lunch. Overnight oats would work too.

  • Smoothies - again a few recipes on here, like this one - but great if you're short on time or need to have a working lunch

  • Greek yoghurt, fruit & granola or muesli

I hope that helps give you some ideas - they all include a great mix of nutrients and none are difficult or time consuming to make! Happy luncheon!

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